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Our Curriculum



Each child is unique and we aim to support them in developing their potential. We assign a key person to each child who ensures that the individual needs and interests are tailored to a curriculum that benefits them. By means of a level of individual adult input and developmentally appropriate play and music activities our curriculum works towards preparing children to progress with confidence to the Early Years Foundation Stage and the Early Learning Goals, covering the seven areas of learning – Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development, Communication and Language, Maths, Literacy, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design. Building on what the children already know, observation and assessment.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We encourage children to interact with one another and to be thoughtful to the needs and feelings of others and to respect all living things and take care of the environment around them. We motivate the children to become capable of putting on their own clothes and the need of personal hygiene. We help the children to become self-reliant so they can choose their own resources and activities.


Physical Development

By using both gross and fine motor skills both inside and outside to develop the children’s movement, control and motivation by having the use of toys such as a climbing frame, hoops, balls and ride-on toys, as well as using chalks, scissors, paint brushes and construction toys. We also help the children understand the importance of making healthy choices in relation to the food they eat.


Communication and Language

We use rhymes and songs in our everyday routines and encourage repetition and give the children opportunities to experience a rich language environment. We help to develop their confidence and skills in speaking and listening in a range of situations.



We have a wide range of reading materials (rhymes, poetry, stories and information books) for the children to access so that they can peruse individually, with their peers or in a group situation with an adult. We encourage them to write and recognise that the written word has meaning eg. road signs and taking food orders in role play.



We provide children on a daily basis with counting games, rhymes, songs and stories to develop and improve their numerical skills in understanding and recognising the written number. To describe shapes, spaces and measures by providing such things as calculators, weighing scales and measuring tools to play with.


Understanding the World

By taking the children into the surrounding area to explore, observe and find out about the local people and places, we can then share the comparisons with the wider world. Through the use of their home diaries the children can share their recent events in their own lives with peers and adults.


Expressive Arts and Design

They are encouraged to explore their artistic ideas and feelings through a selection of activities in art, music, movement, role play and design and technology. These can be achieved by providing junk materials to glue and tape together to make 3 dimensional creations. Collage designs can be achieved by using a range of materials experiencing texture and colour. They listen to music and follow movement routines as well as being able to play a variety of simple musical instruments to create their own sounds.


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