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Our mission

At Cublington Nursery School we share our experience and qualifications to nurture and encourage your little ones with the early steps taken in life. 

Confidence, security, happiness and fulfilment are things everyone of every age should experience. Each child is treated as an individual and our door is always open to parents and carers. 


Cublington Nursery offers an environment which encourages your child to grow and build on the potential they have, offering them the chance to develop and gain more knowledge about the world and environment we live in. We understand the importance of social skills, creativity and humour in a child's life. This is why we endeavour to support them through the critical learning process by providing a stimulating, varied and fun curriculum which will effectively suit the pace of development of each individual child.


Cublington Nursery is led by Sue Sutton and a team of three.

We understand that both experience and academic qualifications are important to provide a fully rounded education for your child. The staff regularly attend Early Years Training Courses and are continuously updating their qualifications.


Our staff have been welcoming children to the nursery for over 25 years.  


The other members of our close knit team; Jackie (Deputy),Kelly, and Nikki have been involved with Cublington Nursery School for a great number of those years too.


Our staff reflect and demonstrate the very high level of commitment and dedication which ensures all children get the best possible start on the road to a rewarding education.

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